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This might be the classic anti-incumbant senate race. Do the people of Kansas vote in a disguised democrat, or 'stick with' (if you know what I mean) a disappointing Rino who is past his prime. McConnell and Roberts are the two most threatened republicans in the senate races, though it might be interesting to see what the Mississippi voters do to Cochran's primary behavior.
A real gem of a list, I have no favorite. I'd guess it will be next to impossible for a new congress to really get control of the rate of acceleration in the growth of government but they better try. I see frustration out here in the real world, unlike anything else I've seen. Just look at the real people protesting in Ferguson, Missouri (not the profiteering race baiters). They really believe the authorities could care less if they are even alive, then that leaves you to only your own means. Not good for a free society.
We're told to show up and vote to enact 'peaceful' change, then we see activists bragging about casting discarded mail ballots in Colorado (with a democrat governor up for election) and voting machines in Illinois changing republican votes to democrat votes (in a state with a democrat governor up for election). With our right to vote being stolen out from under us, what is left for us to do?
Do you see the irony in passing a "law" requiring Obama to follow the "law"?
I just wonder, politically, what is the advantage gained by Obama or democrats to have these criminals let out largely to commit more crimes on the very citizens they victimized the first time (or the time they got caught). Ofcourse that doesn't go for the murder victims, they get a pass.
Just when paper ballots are becoming more attractive, the 'dumster divers' in Colorado, have discovered a way to cast ballots discarded by disgruntled voters, or were the ballots dropped off by corrupt election officials who let the activists know where to find them? This is leading to thoughts of civil disobedience, when our ability to effect peaceful change through the ballot box has been stolen from us as well. I hope the democrats live to rue the day they tried to steal our country from us.
This has all the ermarks of the Iran elections of (was it 2010) No wonder after 4 years of Obama, Romney got 4 million fewer votes in 2012 than pathetic McCain. This seems to happen in the states that have democrats in charge of a lot of things. Voter ID wouldn't stop this criminal fraud.
After the attempts of the Gore 2000 to disqualify all the military overseas ballots because they wsere predominantly republican, there was a voting office formed to make sure the votes got back to the respective states in time. No doubt the "political officers" that promoted Bergdahl during his desertion, have taken over that function.
Ya, that's a net gain of 2 votes everytime a republican supporter votes. Those voting machines come from a George Soros owned company.
Wrong thinking. The congressional, senate and local election officials phone lines should be burned from now to election day, and be sure to take names. You can't out vote fraud when the more republiucans that vote, the bigger the democrat 100% sweep will become.
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