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5 top Talliban commanders and a rumored 30 billion dollars for a military deserter (Bergdahl) and you don't think the mexican government can count? Obama's Bergdahl move has made it open season on americans everywhere.
This incident is directly related to Mexico's response to Fast and Furious. Sgt Andrew is a pawn, and I don't blame the mexican government for draging their heels, no one in the US was held to account except the whistle blowers. Fast and Furious is an ongoing mass murder that far exceeds the 911 attacks on our country, but the only murders being counted are those where the fast and furious high powered weapon was left at the murder scene. The other high powered weapon murders don't count.
Word has it, that the secret service attack dogs weren't unleashed on the intruder, because one pooped on his majesty's putting green once.
Remember when the consciencious Stupak 12 refused to support the bill until Obama "promised".? They got their promise, now take that promise to the bank and enjoy your congressional pension courtesy of those who have to pay for Obamacare.
Like most of the democrat rallies, it will be packed with school kids ordered there by their teacher, to make a report on the Obama admin't progress in changing our country into a 3rd worlk dictatorship, "for the children".
If I had Obama 'boot goo' on my tongue, I probably wouldn't want to be seen in public either. The democrats have been loyal to Obama especially in the Senate, and now must face the voters, or at least bend over and show them the moon.
I strongly doubt the poll samples are any more balanced than 70% democrats 30% repubulicans and independents. It's hard to reach most republicans, they work long hours, in that a lot have more than one part time job, thanks to Obamacare mandates their employers otherwise can't afford.
This election is feeling a lot like 1994. Then all the polls showed Clinton and the democrats picking up a few seats here and there, then the senate was in play, the house was a democrat lock. The key issue we had then was the 'Contract with America', something to vote for. The republicans offered, if elected, to put all the populist issues up for vote. This time the republicans are hysterically afraid of Obama's messengers (the media) critizing their message. Without positive message, the unmotivated voters, with other things to do, stay home.
After this 2 year, 3 month investigation, we'll have firm and definitive action. Good luck in the meantime.
If you would try and think like Obama you'd see no 'down side' to the security lapses. If the WH invaders are ultimately successful he becomes a martyr far bigger than Dr. ML King. If the country gets attacked like 911, he gets his emergency to stay in office until he cleans up his mess (which is like never). No incompetant in Obama's admin. has ever been fired, it would turn them into the world's biggest whistle blowers.
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