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I believe it. Just talk to some high school students some time, you'll be surprised. Even the Ferguson protesters, whose cause was blured by the violent trouble-makers, waited for the system to work, before going off.
Under Obama the law is, "what you can get away with". These immigration decrees have nothing to do with the law of the land. We didn't start being lax on immigration laws, yesterday. What's sad is people in this country considered the north korean threats of 911 size attacks, over the movie, The Interview, believable because they could have walked suitcase dirty bombs and thousands of infiltraters into the country with the trainloads of 'poor innocent children' and no one would have said a thing (except that California town).
North Korea has been declaring "Total War" on the US four or five times a month for decades it seems.. What's different this time, is they have apparently inflicted real damage inside the boarders of this country. We'll now have to wait till Obama is out of power, to find out what we can do about it. Our weakness has just been given a price tag.
I doubt North Korea has the skill to hack like that, but there are mercenary groups that are up to it. I often wonder who companies have to put all their crutial data on the world wide web, can't they afford to buy memory for themselves. I'd never put my banking accounts on line, what for, save a few seconds time, to be threatened with financial ruin.
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Grimes To Paul: I'll See You In Court

Bear Trax Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 8:36 PM
All Rand Paul has to do is declare an "Obama" and all laws become optional as convenience dictates.
Not very likely, unless Obama needs a police compliance czar or something like that.
It's not hard to see the pattern forming here. Obama is trying to create so much new chaos in our country, that his crimes will get sent to the back burner. The recent pattern of trading convicted criminals for political prisoners isn't unusual. Remembe Obama and Holder, armed the mexican drug cartels, released 38,000 convicted illegal alien felons held in federal prisons, traded 5 top talliban commanders for a deserter, and now is dealing with Castros and North Korea. The tendency to choose which laws to abide by and which to choose to ignore has spread from the white house to the streets of Ferguson, Statin Island, and Cleveland. Also, remember the MS-13 gang bangers who strolled on in with the 2 million other innocent 'children' all given safe haven at the expense of the statesand communities. Could anyone conclude that even international norms don't concern Obama and his minions?
Quite frankly Obama is running out of enemies with which to sell out our country. I'm not surprised that North Korea would decline Obama's offers. After rolling the Clintons (co-presidents) for just short of a trillion dollars in the 90's, why fool around with the junior varsity?
North Korea declares "total war" on us several times a week. So they decided to tailgate on the popularity of the 911 attacks, they couldn't scare a crow.. I would have gone to see the movie because of the publicity.
Sorry fellow conservatives, I doubt Obama will be able to give away the ranch with a republican congress coming in a couple of weeks. Also, Cuba has had to operate in an atmosphere of isolation for almost 60 years. A little more exposure to freedom won't hurt them. I wonder if the cubans will see our country as more free than their's?
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