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The mess you cite is due to the near equal split in the american people's political views. That's coming to an end, at least for a while. Now the republicans have to show a vision, and apearing to agree with anything the democrats have pulled lately won't get it any more
These part time jobs are creating a ripple effect in the economy You can't buy a home, car (on time) or finance much of anything when the banks consider your employment shakey, but with Obamacare changing almost on the hour, the employers won't make any growth plans. GM just announced billions in new plant expansion to take place in China, where goods sold in China, must be produced in China.
When you neer held a job in the private sector you act like Obama; the government is the source of al wealth, and if you're lucky or dishonest, you get some wealth. I've been showing some rental properties of mine, and I'm shocked at how many people have come along, claiming to make many thousands of dollars in the "cash only" economy. Sounds ike the employers have figured out the Obamacare economy.
Right this time, on all counts. I interact with blacks: tenants, customers and neighbors and I'll tell you the feeling is different, as best as I can describe it, 'they anticipate backlash'. I think the democrats will be decades returning to a public image of responsible, constitution respecting representatives, and won't get anywhere until Obama and Holder are totally abandoned by them.
This is just an "in your face' action by Obama (releases 68,000 detained and convicted illegal aliens) , and Holder wanting to release those convicted of dealing drugs. Just last week there ws an aricle on TH about the drug cartels invading many amrican cities in search of "turf" If you just arrived here from andother country, would you suspect Obama and Holder don't want thing going smoothly come the nov. elections? I'll bet they're tryng t create all sorts of unrest, then come riding in to save the day while blaming republicns for upholding the law, the sequeter budget cuts.
With "true the vote" pealing back layer after layer of massive election fraud in 2008 and 2012 it's a wonder why David or anyone will predict anything but a democrat sweep in November. We still have time to purge out the deceased, multiple registered and imaginary voters but with 190% of voter age adults voting in some predominately black counties in Florida, or 58 precincts in Philadelphia reporting 0 Romney votes in 2012, there's still much work left to be done. My fear is if the republicans, local or national expose even some of the fraud, the real voters will just stay home and guarentee the election process is permanently destroyed and our people revert to the streets to effect change. Americans have the means to make Syria look like a sunday school picnic. Our belief in the system can't take much more stress.
I know a couple of people who bought Obamacare policies after their work provided plans were cancelled and the employer chose to stop providing because everyone got lumed into unaffordable plans. The good news is these people have not yet run into the extraordinary co-pays and deductables. Not for lack of trying, they can't find a doctor to treat them and their families. They got referred to the emergency room of the county charity hospital, then got put of non-emegency waiting list where they still are.
If you're looking forward to voting, you'd be wise to join "True the Vote" today. Right now some 22 states are comparing voter roles with voter participation and finding a massive multivoting network in place and operating in 2012. Problem is, if the republicans make a big deal out of it, they risk having their supporters give up trying to turn out new real voters and doners.
I was shocked to hear my 'law of Clinton', "the law is what you can get away with" used in the first paragraph of the article. Countries usually fall into 2 catagories, rule of law or rule of individuals. Even Hugo Chavez's reign in Venezuela started with a stolen election. Hitler took over a functioning democracy in Germany. Obama too, with his lack of experience managed to 'smooth talk' and fraud his way to power, thus he doesn't need to abide by any of the laws any more.
Ya we really need these little pockets of communism (the inner cities) running the country for it's final 2 or 3 years. Just like every thing else Obama has tried, what has served us well for about 250 years has no place in a communist take over. I more like the idea of proportioning electoial votes to the winnrs of individual congressional districts, again prevenitng the big city acorn votes from turning another election.
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