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Ironically Obama is doing the best thing for the moment. We sure don't want his team of JV decision makers matched up against the rest of the world's real leaders. Europe and Russia can sort out the Ukraine situation without Mr "Golf" butting in with a teleprompter read.
Sheer folly. Then the republicans will decry it when the conservatives, tea party and christian coalition stay home on election day. Pay blacks $15 a head to vote in the republican primary? No wonder they say "they're all alike".
I'll bet you'd loose your right to vote if you showed up at the polls wearing a halloween mask that looks like the headline picture of this article.
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The Continued Farce

Bear Trax Wrote: 8 hours ago (3:26 PM)
Throughout history manipulators have controlled people through (shared beliefs) religion. So the practice of using reigious beliefs to control people by claiming to be able to control the weather, is just today's chapter of the same old story.
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Hey Obama, David Cameron Has a Strategy

Bear Trax Wrote: 9 hours ago (2:29 PM)
We're going to need a 'program' to be able to tell the bad guys from the good guys. Worse than that, ISIS is Suni Muslim, the majority muslim sect of most of our Arab allies. They came just that close to getting military support from Obama 2 years ago. We'd better ponder long and hard, before we jump into any new mid-east war for fear we help our enemies win.
If the democrats and the media think that another Obama amnesty like the one we've been witnessing over the past six months, is such a good political thing, then bring it on. Political tricks are only so good, then the people realize they've been tricked, and respond accordingly. Keep it up Obama, we'll take out our frustrations in Nov. unless you can provoke an attack on our country so you can declare an emergency suspension of the elections.
The american people didn't oppose the shut down, that was an inside the beltway response to Obama making it as miserable on the american people as possible. We're not all fat and lazy.
Yup, the 'last best hope' for democrats is more criminality. Since communities all across the country are being indundated with sick illegal aliens from the most recent rush to the boarder, I doubt the issue will go un-noticed. We always get the 'inside the beltway opinion that all americans agree with Obama letting in tens of millions of additional government charges, then say, if the republicans resist, all voters will turn on the republicans in favor of the illegals and Obama (himself an illegal alien). I know what the mood is here where I live, and the hispanics are not very pleased to have the 38,000 already convicted criminals (illegals as well) redumped onto their communities. as well as the several million new amnesty receipients. In other words, if more crime against the american people is a cleaver democrat ploy, bring it on.
Ah yes, the pub-ah-holic schools, where all illegals can go for 3 square meals a day, free health care and shelter. And better yet, the entire cost is dumped on the local tax payers. Is this a great country or what?
Hush. You could get committed for saying such incoherant things.
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