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Steve, What if Obama is Muslim? Your political bias is over riding your common sense regarding American values. For your information there are officially sanctioned gravestones noting the resting places of our heroic US Military Veterans in our national cemeteries that are marked with the star and crescent as will as the cross and Star of David.
Funny how "what goes around seems comes around." "Manifest Destiny" was the politically correct watch word of the day when white man brought the small pox plague along with them that devastated American Indian populations.
There is no Biblical justification to connect Christianity to being either "pro gun" or "anti gun." Christianity is about connecting with God rather than connecting with man made fire arms.
Yes really. As in South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert. He over reacted and shot an innocent unarmed citizen. He then lied to his supervisor about the incident only to have his story fall apart because his patrol car cam had recorded the scene.
Guns don't shoot unarmed innocent people. Incompetent trigger happy police officers do.
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Dangerous People and Deadly Force

BearKoala Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 9:53 PM
Small wonder? Small wonder that the trigger happy South Carolina State Trooper shot an innocent unarmed citizen and then lied to his supervisor about the events surrounding the incident. Thank goodness the car cam put the lie to the Trooper's story. How many other innocent civilians get shot by trigger happy police who are able to escape accountability by falsely claiming that "they felt that their life was in danger?
Depends on which police officer. One like the incompetent South Carolina State Patrolman who shot an unarmed citizen after stopping for a seat belt violation could have added to the tragedy.
Its not always the mentally insane or criminals who should be denied access to guns. Sometimes its the down right incompetent. Case in point, the South Carolina State Patrolman who went "Rambo" and shot an unarmed reason for no good reason after stopping him for a seat belt violation. That officer should have been "Barney Fifed" from the get go. "Officer you get one bullet and you cannot have it loaded in your pistol."
Thanks to his car cam, perhaps those rules will be void in the case of the South Carolina State Patrolman who over reacted and shot an unarmed citizen after stopping him for a seat belt violation.
What do you folks think about the S.C. law enforcement officer's shooting of a citizen that was captured on the officer's car cam? My thought is that perhaps our police officers are being over trained to shoot first and ask questions later. Follow that up with comments by legal experts that police officers are easily not held accountable for such incidents by claiming that they felt that their lives were in danger. Makes me wonder how many such incidents happen when no car cam has recorded the scene. If one citizen shoots another unarmed citizen with there being no evidence of the unarmed citizen having acted aggressively towards the armed citizen, good luck with the armed citizen not being held accountable in a court of law by claiming that the shooting was justified because he "felt" his life was in danger.
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