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Lars, that's an interesting idea. 'If Obama was as honorable as President Nixon..." Just imagine what could have happened. He probably would be president of a Chicago Toastmasters Club, and that's all.
No. He thinks he's the most magnificent thing since God. I doubt he even hears the nonsense he spouts. Just keep him on the throne...
Riff, the facts have already been proven. This guy can't actually talk about the facts. They're uniformly damning to him. He's trying to get it both ways... bluster, blather, lie, blame others, you get the idea.
Wow. I knew the list was long... but when you string them all together like that... tell me again how this guy has stayed in office? Is it time for the pitchforks and tar and feathers yet?
In psychiatry that's known as 'projection.' "I failed miserably and it's YOUR fault...!!"
Gosh... you actually LISTEN to him?? I start to gag about 4 seconds in and have to run to the bathroom at 10 seconds... I can't decide what's more disgusting-- his malfeasence, or his posturing and projection of it.
...and he should give himself a big (deserved, for once!) pat on the back-- since all the scandals and 'distractions' are of his making.
Wait! Wait! My dog-whistle detector is going off... it's political code...! Yep-- it's saying, "Racist! Homophobe! Bigot! Sexist!" What? You didn't hear it?? You racist! Bigot! Sexist!
Oh GOD I'm glad this clown got voted out! He and Brako can ride off into the sunset together.
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