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Whitebeard Sadly I hate to admit that I am one jumped before I knew why. I did re-read the article and note what Dr. Carson is talking about. Your scenario clarifies the intent. The problem I have is; we cannot compromise with the traitors among us. Example: When an army finds a double agent among them, that double agent needs to be removed. We cannot continue to take the least evil and expect a change top occur. Hence, we cannot support RINO's and expect to return to the Constitution. frjm
Well, That is That. I used to have respect for Dr. Carson. But now I see his conservative credentials are a ploy. He seems to move from side to side and has no strong convictions. frjm
dtaylor888 Do you realize how many "illegal alien" voters there are in Nevada? Bear95
Beepster Congress should return to the States which sent them and live amongst the peasants. Then they would be nearby to those whose lives they are ruining. Also "the peasants" would then have direct access to the weasels. A 50% drop in pay would still give them; starting pay of $88,000.000 a year and top pay would be some where around 95,000.00. That is way too much! My State representatives get some-where around $26,000.00 a year + $20.00 a day while in session and IRS mileage rate for travel to and from. If the Fed Represents live in this State they deserve no more! Most of these DC people have proven to be traitors, what is pay for traitors? Thirty years hard time at .30 cents an hour sounds about right. Have a good one frjm
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Obama: Stupid? Liar? Or Just Stupid Liar?

Bear95 Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 10:20 AM
Lets see; the smartest president ever. Is this the same president who stated several times that America has 57 States? The list goes on and on. Trust me he is the Stupidest President ever to serve. frjm
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