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"Under the standard that Republicans in 2011 and 2013 are under a unique obligation not to fool with the debt ceiling, one could make the case that their behavior is uniquely irresponsible." The point is well taken in that both parties are involved in this disagreement but I might also say that it is the responsibility of The President as the leader of the country to make every effort to avoid a debt limit crisis and his refusal to compromise is uniquely irresponsible. Apparently the buck stops with John Boehner.
If House GOP remains united it will be a huge strategic victory for them. Next step is to pass a CR funding the government but NO Obamacare exemptions (or at least none for fed employees). At that point the Senate is left with a tough choice. If they pass it then GOP should hammer home the victory about being the real agents of change in DC. If Senate refuses then they grudgingly give Reid/Obama what they want, move on to debt ceiling and hammer home the narrative that The President and Dem Senate were willing to shut down the government to keep their extralegal exemptions. Either way the narrative continues. This is but a skirmish in a long war. Of course the GOP (almost) never fails to disappoint.
IWhen does a zygote/blastocyst/embryo become a human being?
In fact I think it is incumbent on US to make OUR voices known and affect change using the market more effectively
Well said, while I disagree with their agenda I have no problem with people being held accountable for their actions. In the case of a corporation that means affecting their bottom line. This is very different than going to a person's house with a mob and trying to personally intimidate them and it is up to the corporation to decide whether or not the potential loss of business is worth their support of an issue or group. I think it is not a bad thing that corporations (which I believe to be amoral) understand that their involvement outside of a very narrow scope will be scrutinized. Also note this is different then the Koch brothers as individuals using their own money to support issues...
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