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MTV's 'Savage' Schoolyard

beaglesrfun Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 11:49 PM
MTV is blocked at my house. Be a role model. Turn the television off. We (the parents) don't watch any television, except for the news and appropriate movies. As a result our kids don't watch television, but instead read books and participate in appropriate activities. In fact, Mr. Savage- we can block you from accessing our children. When they are at home before they go to college we can prevent you from having access to them by limiting media. When they go off to college we can prevent them from your indoctrination by providing good morals and good moral examples so that they are able to stand up to your indoctrination and say "No, thank-you".


MTV is now trying to lure young viewers with a saucy sex show in the "advice" category. They didn't reach for Dr. Drew or God forbid Dr. Ruth or an actual doctor of anything. They turned to filthy sex columnist and gay activist Dan Savage.

The new show is called "Savage U," and it documents Savage touring college campuses to offer snarky/smutty advice to college students. This is MTV's libertine ideology pitched right at children, and Savage is blunt about how he'll be going around the parents.

Savage explained to the Los Angeles Times that, "The...

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