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Does America have a two party system any more? Or is the husband democrat party just getting the stamp of approval for all he wants from the permissive wife republican party? Net Neutrality? Passed! Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder with ovaries. Approved! IRS Scandal. Lois Lerner receives $129,000 and no clawback! American Sniper killer tried and convicted in two years. Benghazi dragging on infinitem. Win a few seats I have heard. 2010. Massive shift in party control. GOP Can't do anything. Win a few seats. 2014 GOP regains majority in Senate and builds majority in house. Sure honey, you get Loretta Lynch and all the questionable things you want to do around the house. Sure thing. Deeply disgusted with ideology of go along to get along!
This district has state level elected officials just as safe and just as brilliant.
Thank goodness for the ten year census and congressional redistricting, I am now in this idiots district. I used to be an active citizen writing and contacting my congressman's office. After a couple replies from Rep. Hank Johnson, I gave up. Very sadly, he is in an extremely safe district. This past November he ran for reelection, unopposed. Thank you for the article.
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Obama's Afghanistan Mess

Beachgoer Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 6:29 PM
Put on your shocked face as you say is correct. How is this different than Obama releasing prisoners from Gitmo?
Will healthcare.gov be HIPPA compliant?
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A Very Dangerous Game

Beachgoer Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 7:16 PM
And to think this president could correct a lot of racial divide. He has made it much worse.
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