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What a hypocritical piece of human debris!
Four (4) people died and Hillary screamed subsequently while pounding the table ....."What difference at this point does it make?" Well, since recently it was revealed that the four (4) Americans could have been saved, I WANT TO KNOW who said "stand down". Hillary was SOS (Secretary Of State); however, she apparently ignored the "SOS" of these wonderful Americans begging for help. Now these Dem-Loons want this apathetic creature to be POTUS. OMG, I say NAY!
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MSNBC: Nuns Are the Latest Threat

Bea44 Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 10:19 PM
It is not construed "fun". "We The People" who care about "Freedom of Religion" should not be forced to pay for the promiscuity (contraception) of women vs. the consequences thereof (abortions). Taking a life (abortion) to me and the NUNS that taught me is "MURDER". As to Catholicism, a religion that the good NUNS instilled in my educational ethic for 12+ years, I am a female apostle.
Multiple dittos as to the "great one", Mark Levin!
Trey Gowdy, Alan (Allen?) West, and Ben Carson are my favorites :-).
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