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And is bitching that it may be increasing.
I didn't say I am opposed to subsidizing others. I am opposed to someone believing that their $45 premium is actually covering their retirement healthcare.
Taxation is not like slavery anymore than having to work to eat is.
I am pretty sure that Turner would be happy to interview West directly if he would like. If you are interviewing a spokesman for an organization it seems quite logical to ask what the position of the party is regarding a members outrageous comments.
It's his job.
What he "believes" to be true does not make it so. Social Security is not at all like slavery and the suggestion that West's comments make life difficult for the spokesman for his party is racist is nonsense.
As opposed to Social Security.
Because people who follow him actually believe that his comments have merit. They don't. His followers are cognitive misers.
And how does your comment relate to the "slavery" that is Social Security?
Like it or not everyone on the planet relies on government for some aspects of their lives. In The case of Col. West this much more so. what he said was stupid. To point it out was correct. No one suggested that West needs someone to speak for him or to "justify his existence". The issue is what the GOP spokesman is forced to do as a part of his job. Yes. Biden makes gaffes and Obama's administration is going to be continually trying to spin it's way out of tight spots but in the case of West is seems he has an especially warped view of reality. His comments that are so stupid seem heartfelt.
I will pray for you and your house :-)
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