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Rage and Ruin in the Reign of the EPA

bcollins944 Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 12:47 PM
The E.P.A. needs to be brought in control there laws and regalations are way out of hand at tax payers expence. There expence needs to be cut 90% and given to the military defence and cut the T.S.A. just think of the billons the would save the tax payers
you bet your A33 he knew and that was his plan from the start just like fast and fuerious
thats why i buy off farms in the U.S. and have it processed But if we don't stop the E.P.A. maken and getting laws passed that tells us what we can eat drink and buy and do on our own land they are just anouther part of the Hilter gestopal regeam in our governinment
there are at all meat packen plants in the u.s.a.
AMEN TO THAT and striped of all her money and assaits and in prisoned for life pluse 50years no paroll and the same for her mole of a ade shes a plant. Obama and his addminastration his head of D.O.P.of justis along with the help of Secretary OF State Hillary and the illilagle deal they are maken with the U.N. they all should get the same prison term
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