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Wrong subject man. We were talking about lawyers for the Boston Bomber that is being tried in civilian courts.
I doubt that.
And did YOU know that right to counsel, provided by the government if necessary, is constitutionally guaranteed? See Gideon v. Wainwright
Hey doofus. He never mentions condoms anywhere and Sandra Fluke only spoke about birth control pills. Nice try.
You believe this? You don't remember JPMorgan needing money after purchasing Bear Stearns? Ok. Forget it. Let's pretend JPMorgan never needed any money. The mere fact that other companies that needed TARP money received it shows that these "too big to fail" banks are under zero threat of going out of business. This knowledge allows them to make $2bil mistakes. No pressure.
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. The pipeline wouldn't be completed until at least 2014.. Nice try.
You seriously don't get it? It's not about JP Morgan losing money. It's about JP Morgan gambling with house money like they did in the years leading up to 2008. If they lose $12bil then who cares because big daddy Uncle Sam just comes along and lends them some money. TARP was fine as long as it was accompanied by new regulation. Otherwise we end up in a cycle. Losses=Bailouts.
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