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Remember the Alaska!
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Obama and the Law

bck Wrote: May 24, 2013 9:56 AM
No, it is the white half that is pissing us off
The doctor may be eliminated as a post birth abortion. I believe there is no limit of age on that procedure
Baby pops out...mother takes a look...nope...not what I wanted...toss it
Depends...how old is Obama?
Malcolm X said and I paraphrase...You are a chump to vote for a Democrat. He was killed 2 days later. He knew what LBJ was up to. And here is a paraphrased quote from LBJ ....we will get those N.... voting Democrat for the next 200 years.
And were they handed out by the NRA?
Are you insane...if Johnnie's toy truck is bigger than Joey's is that fair, just or equitable. If Tiger Woods can play golf better than you, is that fair, just or equitable? If I have a chance to be the best and I don't take it but you do...is that fair, just or equitable?
Reproductive rights, the right to kill without a gun
And just how many kids and innocent people were murdered by NRA card carrying members vs. non NRA card carriers?
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