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Omg.. very funny.. Don't think it's that bad though! Copy and paste this youtube video in your browser!! . See what ObamaBear has to say about all of this!! http://youtu.be/SZXK-Xe6DgY Please don't flag it as offensive!!
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Ann Coulter on Racist Gun Control Laws

bchavers Wrote: Jun 17, 2012 8:11 PM
Ohhh.. this is funny. lol.. With bears like this voting... I better go out and get more gold, silver, and firearms!! Please DON'T Flag as offensive!! http://youtu.be/SZXK-Xe6DgY
With bears like this voting....We all need to get out and vote!! lol...
wow...with bears like this voting...do we even have a chance?? http://youtu.be/SZXK-Xe6DgY
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