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I refuse to debate the kinds of "feminists" like the ones posting against Miss Nevada's comment. It's just not worth the aggravation to argue with stupid people. Learning some self-defense techniques and tactics not only helps prevent sexual assaults, but can let a woman confidently defend a child's life too. And for many of these defense methods the periodic practice is good for muscle tone and overall physical well being. Women who refuse to learn self-defense because it is "violent" or "just perpetuates violence" are fools. They practice a form of violence by expecting others to engage in the necessary violence on their behalf, to protect them or their children.
There is little doubt that the decision to shovel guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels came from highest levels, even beyond the head of the BATF. They were carrying out the unlawful orders of their bosses. From the statements of people involved, it appeared that Newell knew what the plan was (and was giddy when the news reported Mexican firefights). There is not a prosecutor or lawyer in the country that would support the methodology of F&F. Let guns go to cartels, do not stop their movement at the border, do not involve the Mexican government and pretend you can "trace" those guns to the cartels only after they inflict carnage. Even if you could point out where the guns were purchased, who bought them and who moved them into Mexico, you lose the trail in Mexico and can't tie the cartels into illegally buying the guns in the U.S. (perhaps not even in Mexico either). There is no evidence they asked someone to obtain them. No case. So what was the point? To support the administration's contention we need tighter laws on every gun sale everywhere to stop gun trafficking to Mexico. Y'know, 90% of their guns came from the USA... oh, wait...no, it's 40%... no...er... 15%? Well, it's 15% if you round up (from about 8%).
Is it tyranny yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Congress should, at the very least, shut down BATF's firearms division. Not only over Fast & Furious, but their so-called decision letters that determine if a firearm product is legal or not, are not based on scientific scrutiny or principles. BATF authorized the production of a certain rifle product and once the maker had sold thousands, decided they were wrong and deemed the product "illegal". This forced a business to buy back all the product and close up, financially ruining the owner. Recently a sophisticated "muzzle brake" was declared a "silencer" even though BATF never tested it to see if it actually reduced sound (it doesn't). They simply decided that because the mouse was gray, had four legs, a tail and large ears, it must be an illegal elephant. It's time to strip them of their guns and return them to collecting taxes on alcohol and tobacco.
@mshandy and @Marc_H Either provide a link to the source(s) of your information or quit making such claims.
Hats off to all the Second Amendment groups supporting this case, including the NRA and attorney Chuck Michel; Calguns Foundation; the Second Amendment Foundation and attorneys Alan Gura and Don Kilmer. All deserve our thanks for pushing several cases forwards in California and further defining the scope of the 2nd Amendment.
We have thousands of unemployed and underemployed people in this country. Why not allow some to volunteer for the armed school officer position to guard their own (grand)kids? In fact, I can envision some still moderately healthy seniors picking up a few bucks by participating for 4 hours every other day twice a month in a rotation with others. (Though one boggles at the effect a retired Sgt-Major Basil Plumley might have on youngsters.)
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