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I wanted Ron Paul, as did a lot of my friends, but we would vote for Romney 10 times, to keep the Commie from winning.
You surely wouldn't call 147% of registered voters, voting in one area, voter fraud. You don't think there may be a fight to the death, between Madam Mao, the fake Indian, and very possibly, Valery Jarret? Any one of the three Commies, and we are dead in the water, as a sovereign Republic.
Sounds like you are most definitely talking about the state across the RED river from MO. Since they passed some form of concealed carry, we still aren't allowed to protect ourselves, while driving through IL, to another state. We probably wouldn't be allowed to sue, if we couldn't prevent an attack on us, because of stupid.
Unfortunately, you are right, this would only serve as a diversion, since WH Harry, probably wouldn't even bring it to the Senate floor.
There was a time in America, when these criminal gang members would be exterminated, post haste. I remember what was done to the SLA, in CA. Many years later, we found out one had survived.
Yes, you are right, but obviously there are still a lot of people that don't know that. We attended a Republican meeting where Ron Paul was speaking and he explained why so many were misinformed, but the bottom line is, if at the end of the fiscal year, taxpayers owe more money on the national debt, this is running a deficit.
You are right, this needs to be stopped before it turns violent. Balkanization would bring results that the hard left does not want, since when our Republic is turned into something our Founders wouldn't recognize, due to millions of illegal alien invaders voting for democraps that let them live off of American taxpayers, there would be ethnic cleansing and civil war, to save the Republic.
If they lay out the welcome mat for criminals, by putting up a sign, saying "no firearms allowed in this establishment," I can't blame you.
Some wouldn't realize the need for self defense, simply because they are young enough that society had already gone a long way to where it is now, before they were born. When I was growing up in the fifties, I felt safe anywhere; I certainly can't say that now, as even in rural areas, where I have always lived, there is crime, there isn't anywhere that is immune.
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The Ambassador and the Post Office

bburt896 Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 7:11 PM
Calculate a just wage, a just wage is a myth; in a free market economy, wages like everything else is priced at whatever the market will bear. What the market will bear, for a business depends on the bottom line; figure in all costs of running a business, including what you are paying employees, and the bottom line is what is left after deducting all costs. A successful company will have a reasonable profit margin, after allowing for every expense in running a company. This is the system our country has ran on since the beginning.
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