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Donating to Obama -- Against Our Will

bbtruth Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 7:15 PM
I'm trying to imagine how the conversation between the employer and the part-timers would go. I mean, here's an employer, likely with full-time employees working for him, that tells a part-timer that he will pay him full-time wages for part-time labor. But don't thank the employer. Thank Obama. Obama stole the money from other people that worked for and earned it, so that a part-time worker could recieve more than he rightfully earned. Just more of the same something-for-nothing ideology that has corrupted a large portion of the cultural morality of our country.
The Washington Times reports that the Department of Labor will be giving out $100 million in "grant funding" to states to prevent layoffs by businesses (which, obviously, would damage the President politically). 

Under the plan, the federal grants will go to states, which will then hand it out to businesses that agree to pay employees as part-time workers, rather than laying them off.  Our tax dollars will be used to supplement the part-time pay so that they receive their full-time salaries.

Obviously, this gambit is a thinly-disguised scheme to use taxpayer money for the President's...