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Not talking about employees, stupid.
Wendy's and Walmart are far from the only businesses forced to pay minimum wage.
These are life and death subjects that peoples lives depend on. You're stupid assed ideas cause more suffering and poverty despite your so-called good intentions than you will ever accept. I couldn't care less about your emotions. I couldn't care less about how you justify the horrible things you wish to do. You may like to play nice with people that wish to destroy you, but I sir do not. I am no moral relativist. Not every idea is good or has merit. Your ideas are evil.
Don't care much for what the Koch's or anyone else has to say. I'm all for eliminating both. You just don't have any understanding of what that really means. You are so stupid.
Actually, check some facts and you will find that you're wrong.
You have it as s-backwards there clingon.
Well said and a major factor for why I will be waiting open my own restaurant if I do at all. I have the means and knowledge to do so. I just don't care to throw my life and my work down the toilet for the benefit of the parasites around me.
Ever stop to wonder why? And if so, do you just fill in the blanks with what ever fits your emotionally driven
Not you. Lois..
Yes it is simple. The problem is, as simple as it is, you are too f'ing stupid and greedy to see how wrong you are.
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