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Creating Wealth and Prosperity

bbryant Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 5:30 PM
Romney was just speaking about not worrying about that 47% as far as getting their vote. He didn't mean that once elected he would not worry about them. He was speaking to a fund raising group about helping him win the election. He can only do so much and can't try to please every group now or in the future. He needs to work on the economy and all classes will benefit including that 47%. He was absolutely right. He can't pander to those that think they are entitled to everything from the government. He has to appeal to those who haven't given up on America and can see how someone with real economic sense can prosper everyone. If that 47% don't want to remain in that category forever they should vote for Romney.
Carl265 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 8:08 PM
Sooner or later the Dem's will run out of other peoples money and the entire system will collapse.
We are near -very near to the cliff, and it's about 35,000 ft. deep.
When all the workers have employment and use machinery in production, we will have a great, new source of wealth. If we do not use state power to build up these enterprises but leave them in the hands of private citizens or of foreigner businessmen, the result will be the expansion of private capital and the emergence of a great wealthy class with consequent inequalities in society.

The quote above was from a man influenced by progressives in America, in particular Henry George who put forth the idea that land belongs to everyone so it should be taxed in order to...
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