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Immigration Reform Plan is a Farce

bbaron Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 5:26 AM
Amnesty doesn't have to happen if we are willing to stay on top of our politicians like we did the last time they tried it. We shut down the White House switchboard voicing our outrage back then and they killed it. I feel your pain. It is so sad to have two parties that are just two sides of the same coin. The GOP is slowly being taken over by moderates and becoming little better than the Dems. Neither party has any regard for their voters. All they care about is winning over the Hispanic, LGBT, womem and Independant voters. That is why I am going to switch to Independant as soon as my term as a Precinct Committeeman is over. Then I'll be an Independant Hispanic woman and both parties will have to work for my vote.

PARIS -- A bipartisan group of senators has just lit a soggy fuse under the immigration debate. The statement of principles tabled by four senators from each party is such an impotent byproduct of compromise that calling it bipartisan is redundant. This manifesto of mediocrity fails to address the biggest immigration problems facing America -- starting with the question of "Why?"

Does anyone ever ask WHY there are so many illegal immigrants in America? While it's understandable that foreign citizens want to come to America for the great opportunities, why do so many of them insist on doing it illegally? Maybe...