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False Alarms on Amnesty

bbaron Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 4:21 AM
This is no false alarm. It is a fact that allowing illegal aliens to remain in our country sends a clear message to their people back home. That message is that if you sneak into to America and make demands long enough you will get what you want... and what most want ISN'T CITIZENSHIP. Most want nothing to do with becoming Americans. They simply want all of the money they can send back home. They pop out a baby and that baby is automatically entitled to government assistance... or they get fake or stolen ID and get their own handouts. Yes, they demand that automatic citizenship goes with the 'immigration reform' because their leaders (and Mexico) wants them to be able to vote. Ask yourself why. By the way, I'm an American of Mexican descent
I agree with everything but calling Romney's campaign "dirty, overly negative campaign". As far as I'm concerned, I was never a real fan but he was getting my vote to get rid of Obama. I had no interest in him until the first debate. It gave me hope that he actually might not be the life sized Ken doll that he seemed like... stiff, plastic and totally lacking stones. It did my heart good to see him actually go after Obama. I thought for a moment that he might have the stones we needed in a president to carry us out of this hole we've sunk into. When his second debate with Obama came I was sure that I was going to see him nail Obama to the wall with Benghazi. What a disappointment to see that pathetic stiff, plastic, stoneless dummy back.
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