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Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria Gets Schooled

Bay0Wulf Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 2:08 PM
Well, if you lost at that time, it wasn't due to Reagan (not a big fan of his) but because you failed to pay attention to the market. There were HUGE warning signs about that collapse. I was trading accounts for myself and 7 friends (and my girlfriend at the time) mid November I told everyone I wanted to start drawing down the accounts (converting to cash positions) because I had yellow and pink flags popping up everywhere. Everyone said fine do whatever it is you are doing. My girlfriend said no. I made well over 1000% for everyone except my girlfriend who by Jan 1 was at about 3%.
Bay0Wulf Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 2:09 PM
For some reason she decided I lost all her money and stopped being my girlfriend ...

Liberal celebrities want all of the adoration that social media engagement has to offer -- but none of the accountability that actual engagement requires. For the Hollywood elite, it's "do as they say, not as they tweet." But actress and outspoken Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria learned a hard lesson this week on Twitter:


Conservatives online are mad as hell and aren't taking it anymore.

On Tuesday night after the second presidential debate, Longoria shared a "retweet" from one of her 4.4-plus million followers on the micro-blogging network. "I have no idea why any...