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Unfortunately I think if Obama had urged anyone from any other nation to do anything ... they would have rightfully laughed in his face. This president and his secretary of state has made a joke out of Our Country. Between the two of them they have as many "teeth" as my 90 year old grandmother did when her dentures were out. Actually, I think she had more "teeth" than they do even then.
My immediate thought on this topic. 1. The passengers were knocked out or killed with a gas released into the cabin. Easy enough to do using the air filtration system. 2. The jet has been diverted pretty easy to believe since they flew "between" the satellite images and pretty much all the radars ... including naval. 3. The jet was landed somewhere, the people have been removed and have been put into a mass grave somewhere. 4. The jet has been "re-branded" (graphics and numbers removed or outright changed). 5. The jet is either going to be filled with a massive amount of explosives, radioactive materials, biologically nasty stuff, an EMP device, or some version of all of the above ... or just a whole crew of terrorists but that seems unlikely. 6. As the jet will be taking off from an area where it will have no requirement to be screened for "security" or anti-terrorist reasons, the jet will be inserted into regular traffic at a later time and imitate a regular flight and be indistinguishable from every other jetliner out there. 7. As there will be no-one to argue about what is going on the flight will be innocently passing an area "of interest" where it will suddenly divert and go "BOOM!!!" 8. It might not even require a human hand at the helm and might be detonated remotely. Kidnapping and/or Piracy are no longer credible ... we would have heard something days ago. Crashed into the ocean is not credible too much evidence for it being a manipulated flight. Theft of a jet is not credible, too many downsides and hassles and jets are not that expensive. Theft of a jet for duplication by the Chinese ... no reason. They can get any and all of the technology in that jet at any time with a lot less fuss. The only other thing that makes any sense is that the Aliens took the jet away to "probe" the passengers en mass ... anyone want to take up that thought?
Exactly right. The thing that attracted me to the TEA Party right from the beginning was that they often "vetted" Democrats over Republicans where the democrat was MORE in line with their thought process. I don't care if the candidate for ANY office is a 3-eyed green and purple entity from ... JUPITER as long as they can LEGALLY get on the ballot and will HONESTLY pursue the running of the Government THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN (and hopefully, in the process, TRASH entire books full of Illegally Written and otherwise Unenforceable Laws ... and Eliminate hundreds of Illegal "Government Agencies")
If the TEA Party vetted candidates can "fix" the Republican Party ... can actually CHANGE the direction of the Republican Party to a party Of, For and By "We the People" rather than Of, For and By "Big Business" then that would be EXCELLENT. The Democrats are for a form of Socialism by the Government and the current Republicans are for a "slower" turn to Socialism by the Business Establishment. This Nation was not fought for by Socialists. This Nation was not fought for by Businesses. This Nation was NOT founded to further either of these two extremes. This Nation is OF The People, BY The People and FOR The People. It is NOT to Support the People but to give the People a place where they have all the SAME OPPORTUNITIES to achieve OR fail on the strength of their individual merits. The TEA "Party" may not be the "ne plus ultra" political thought process BUT it is A LOT closer to being FOR The People than anything we have at the moment.
Both Republicans and Democrats are damaging Our Nation and have been doing so for several years. Today, we finally have begun to try to separate "republicans" from RINO's. The TEA Party is not a political party and is not trying to be a political party. They are trying to inject conservative values into BOTH parties although the Democrat Party is obviously a much tougher "nut to crack". RINO's are crying because the TEA Party candidates are forcing them to ... at least ... pretend to be more conservative. The TEA Party candidates are brand new, very junior Representatives and Senators and are, by their very presence, forcing issues to be carefully looked at due to their refusal to agree to lousy policies being floated by both the Democrats and the Republicans. This is what many of us voted them IN for. This is what many of us WANT them to do. The Government is trying to completely run away from the US Citizenry in terms of being responsible to them. They cry that the TEA Party is stopping them and try to make out that they are doing something WRONG. Contrarily, those of us who voted these men and women into place realize that they are doing something completely RIGHT. We must continue to support these people with everything we can ... regardless of what it is. We MUST get more of these people into place. The TEA Party "vetted" candidates are a NEW Phenomenon and they have proven to be much more powerful than most of us would have dared to believe.
Yeah ... no joke there. The GOP has GOT to stop with offering RINO's as an ... COUGH! HACK! ... "Alternative" to anything. They are two sides of the SAME COIN.
Actually I agree with Corbett. Romney AND McCain were & are "evil" perhaps they themselves do not see themselves as such but they are nevertheless. I voted for BOTH of these jerks because I was afraid of EXACTLY what Obama is doing ... although I did not perceive the depths of his BS. If McCain or Romney had "won" we would have lost even more than we have. This would be due to a "softer" more ... a-hem! ... "conservative seeming" slide into the morass that BOTH of Our Established Political Parties are leading us to. Obama, his Administration and his Policies have ... hopefully ... fully awakened the Conservatives and the Independents and all those who truly UNDERSTAND where we were numbly heading and NOW are recoiling in horror. It is sad to say but perhaps AND ONLY PERHAPS Obama and his Garbage have helped to bring US to OUR senses.
Oh ... well ... you're right ... except ... They AREN'T pansies! (wellll ... not in THIS instance) They are following the lead of the Dem/Prog/Lib/Socialists ON PURPOSE!!! The GOP is as happy with this as are the Democrats. That is why the GOP has got to be replaced, repaired or torn out "root and branch" and made anew. I am hoping November sees a huge influx of Hunting Licenses for RINO's and D' Rats!!! I am even willing to accept "No Bag Limits" and Poachers would be Welcome Too!
I really like this part ... "...the irony, of course, is that the changes being put forth to fix the disastrous exchanges will ultimately destroy the market and increase health insurance premiums for consumers" Doesn't everybody already know that this is the design AND intent of this whole thing? This Administration (not that many others were actually better ... but ALL Dem/Prog/Lib/Socialistic Admins are THE WORST) is Hell Bent on destroying Our Insurance Market and moving us onto a "Single Payer" (Government Run & Authorized BIG Insurance) System. It was NEVER about "Health Care" (actually making it possible for you to get "care" when you need it). First; it "Bailed Out" all the insurance companies who had loyal customers for several years (who are now getting older and more expensive) by letting the insurance companies CANCEL their existing policies and move them onto less inclusive and more expensive policies. (Do you see the BIG Alligator Tears from the Insurance Industry?) Second; It has written INTO the Bill that there will be further "Bail Outs" for the Insurance Companies who get somehow "hurt" by the implementation of this "ObamaCare Bill" that ... wait for it ... THE INSURANCE COMPANIES LARGELY WROTE THEMSELVES!!!! What A SURPRISE!!!
I hit "Flag" completely by mistake. Please accept my apologies as I was trying for the "Reply" button ... Oooops! (Real Apology) I wouldn't worry about the insurance companies ... they wrote massive amounts of this Bill/Law/Tax ... mostly they wrote all kinds of goodies, escape clauses and fail-safes for themselves. They agreed to this whole thing because they see it as a way to consolidate the industry and MAKE LOTS MORE MONEY. People say ObamaCare and then talk about Health Care. ObamaCare WAS NEVER about Health Care, it was and IS about "Affordable Insurance" which is ISN'T about either ... its about getting Millions MORE onto Insurance and letting insurance companies out from under all the promises they've made over the years to their loyal customers (who are getting older and more expensive). Our Health Care Industry does need reworking and some help but DON'T KID YOURSELF this was NEVER about Health Care.
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Enough Pot Happy Talk

Bay0Wulf Wrote: Jan 04, 2014 1:26 PM
Wilbor ... Actually ... I am wondering the same thing as Origanalist is ... What ARE you babbling about? Addiction either is addiction or it is not. To clarify what I said; A very small percentage of the population are (or ever will be) what are called "addicts". So ... even with your contention that "90% of drug addicts ..." you are still talking of a tiny fraction of the population. I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee (my personal 2 addictions) somehow I never considered that they were gateways to ... anything. Making or enforcing laws to control the ENTIRE population in order to protect a few from THEMSELVES is just, plain WRONG.
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