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The cowards do not want the truth to be told regarding the vote, eventually it will come out
Only Obama has apologized more than MSNBC... guess MSNBC is trying to emulate dear leader.
Andrew the stupid gay prince of New York thanks for sharing how you really feel about the working people who cherish all life...
wow if the employment rate is headed south why are the OUT-house and dems clamoring for extending unemployment I simply don't understand
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Al Qaeda Scores Major Victory in Iraq

batman20 Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 8:10 AM
Shades of Jimmy Carter, same is going to happen in Afghanistan when incompetence leads the country there is no leadership, just golf and vacations
This clown has nothing over Sheila Jackson lee
Rangel is just part of the ROT that permeates the country with the entitlement belief that you didn't build that and if you did you have got to give it to someone else who would rather sit on the sofa smoke weed and pop M&M's. Why work hard ... his kind make me ill
when you have a terrible president you get a terrible year, still getting that tingle Chris?
Obama will NEVER take responsibility for his action, deflect, blame, run. Signs of gross incompetence are the norm for a has been community organizer.
A rock has more common sence, where do they find these people. To look straight at the camera and lie. What a sorry piece of pig excrement
I think she has skittles for brains
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