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Take your head out of Faux news behind and wake up! Oh and by the way, practice the phrase President Hillary Clinton!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The UN is meaningless to most of us. Too bad the right is fixated on such an ineffectual body. President Clinton, get used to say that again!
Don't worry Jeb Bush will not win in 2016, that slot is reserved for President Hillary Clinton!!
Would you just let it go, jeesh. Enough already, nobody else cares....... ENOUGH ALREADY
I think you are wrong. So we both can't be right. Why not meet in the middle. Why is it your way or nothing?
Better than the Repugnant national platform!
65,455,010 was the total vote for Obama. That is a huge number to overcome with the racist policies of the Repugnants. Better start practicing President Hillary Clinton now, your gonna need it.
Us is the 62,611,250 people who voted for President Obama for a second term. These are the same people that will vote for our next president Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Good luck with that. Not everything can be your way, or my way. What ever happened to compromise?
She is a miserable person who is unhappy with the world around her. Though, personally, the more she talks, the worse the Repugnants look.
You should bend to the reality that there are 20million people here who do not have legal status. I understand that this is frustrating to you (not sure why the right is so afraid of a bunch of poor immigrants). Your friend has followed proper channels and I comment him for that. I do not condone the behavior of those who came here illegally though they are here. Deportation of 20 million people is unrealistic. I also think that the issue helps the Dems and hurts the Repugnants, that alone is a reason to pursue it.... 20 million new Dem voters!!
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