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Luckily Sarah is an idiot who could not even finish one term as a governor. She will never be president of anything. Get used to saying President Hillary Clinton!! Your're gonna need it :)
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Benghazi: A Two-Part Scandal

Batjack21 Wrote: May 10, 2013 10:11 AM
There is no story here. But by all means keep it. The rest of the country thinks the Repugs have lost their minds. I love it!! The Repugnants are SO afraid of Hilary already!! I don't ever think I have seen these types of attacks 3 1/2 years out from the election. Get used to it: Say President Hillary Clinton!! It's gonna happen.....
Hindu's don't hurl their religion in my face on a daily basis. Hindu's do not try to control the world with their magic book. I would rather have a nation of Hindu's than the American Taliban we have now.
Call her whatever you want, just get used to calling her President Lesbian, because she will be in 2013!
I love when you call me names, I assume it turns you on? Whatever, no they should all come off. Why should the government promote passages out of your magic book. That is tantamount to government endorsement of religion.
Rather have an Army of Gay men and women than a regiment full of the followers of the American Taliban.
Mark my words, these are the ones who will be killing people who do not agree with them. The American Taliban, mark my word. They are coming, they think it's funny to kill their intellectual superiors on the left. Just wait, they think they are right and that, and I quote: "progs sleep well and don't wake"
They don't want to talk about that...
Take your head out of Faux news behind and wake up! Oh and by the way, practice the phrase President Hillary Clinton!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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