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How To “Fix” The Super Bowl

Bat11 Wrote: 2 hours ago (11:10 AM)
Actually, Super Bowl 50 will be 5-0. I don't know if they will go back to Roman numerals in 2017 (LI). As it is, it's probably the only time young people are educated in Roman numerals.
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Answering Ted Olson

Bat11 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 2:49 PM
"The problem with endorsing same-sex marriage is that it conveys to heterosexuals that mothers and fathers don't really matter." That horse left the barn 20 years ago. Better to focus on legitimacy and personal responsibility than to talk about same sex marriage.
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Random Thoughts

Bat11 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 4:42 PM
I'm a homer for sure but when I look up and down the Washington Nationals roster I see nothing but hard working gentlemen with maybe a couple of momentary lapses by one 20 year old who seems to have gotten over it. "we may not see their like again -- in their personal dignity and class, as well as their performance on the field. They are throwbacks to an earlier time, in a sports world of spoiled brat showoffs today."
Would you like to go out sometime?
Picture Retakes or Make-Ups! Visual (photography) will be here (Ventura High School) September 19, 2014, reaping profit packages available, starting at $24.95 package 1 $65.95; package 2 $54.95; package 3 $44.95 package 4 $32.95; package 5 $24.95 (805) 482-3533 Thank you Principal Wyatt for granting us this profit reaping opportunity!
“I work really hard to keep Ventura High School from being a marketplace for all kinds of vendors to come to the campus and reap profit,” So, actually just a lefty, at heart. I wonder if the text book publishers "reap" profit.
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The 1911 Pistol

Bat11 Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 6:05 AM
Accompanying photo...there's four rules...he's breaking three of them.
Yes, the Log Cabin Republicans have been around for a long time. When you think about it, gay couples generally have higher incomes, higher taxes and could give two toots about the abortion issue and the WAR ON WOMEN™
Just an opinion. Gay activist incrementalism will never end. Regardless of what rights are recognized, privileges are granted and criticisms are muted; what they really want is 100% unconditional acceptance...by everyone. I think they'll be in business for a good long time but the general public will become weary of it all.
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The Real Vote Fraud

Bat11 Wrote: May 11, 2014 10:29 AM
This is why mass voter registration drives and motor voter are valuable for the fraudsters. In the long run they create a huge bank of "non-voters" to be exploited. This is also how "dead people" vote and why certain groups fight to stop the purging of voter rolls.
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