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3 Qualities the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Must Have

bassho Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 10:03 AM
The problem(s) Republicans had during the election and yet to this day is one of always seeking a way in which appears to feed into the base (as if they know what that is) and somehow can be spin in such a way that they can gain acceptance from a corrupt media. In other words a McCain type of Republican working so hard to appease those they want to like them that they forget what got them where they are. The media (Marxists) has not, does not, and will never like them. They need to accept that and recognize also they need to get back to basics in local communities and help those “low information voters” to realize they have within themselves the tools to become successful without handouts. In that sense those voters escape a new...

I must confess in 2012 -- almost from the beginning -- I felt inclined to vote for Mitt Romney for president of the United States. His intellect, extraordinary business record, and honorable career in public service convinced me that he was uniquely qualified to serve faithfully in that office. But there was something else: As a moderate hailing from a deeply blue state, I thought he could appeal to centrist Republicans and right-leaning Independents nationwide -- perhaps enough of them to give him a decided edge on Election Day.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

And yet to say that Governor Romney...