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Texas Advocates Use Filibuster, Mob Tactics to Delay Late-term Abortion Law

Basset Hound Wrote: Jun 26, 2013 9:08 PM
Oh the humanity. What if women had to find the wherewithall to ask themselves questions about their relationships and their economic circumstances BEFORE they drop trou? We can't expect women to display anything like self control, can we???

Chaos in Austin, as defenders of late-term abortion won a temporary victory late last night via appropriately unseemly methods:

A petite Fort Worth Democrat in pink sneakers staged a 10-hour-plus filibuster marathon in which she never sat down. Abortion rights activists succeeded in disrupting Republican senators, and the fate of a bill that Gov. Rick Perry had made a priority devolved into a legislative mess so thick that even senators who had voted on the bill could not say for certain whether they had indeed voted on...