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Romney Should be Even More Aggressive on Taxes

bassboat Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:57 AM
There are three things one can do with money, spend it, save it, or invest it. All three help the economy. It is silly and counterproductive to collect taxes on an individual basis as opposed to a consumption tax. The Fair Tax puts money into Joe Six Pack's pockets and he will be mad when he learns about it. The Fair Tax brings back many industries here to the states because of no taxes at the wholesale level. Millions of jobs are created and trillions of overseas dollars come home, a stimulus that works. Why won't it pass you ask? It takes power away from congress and gives it to the people. By the way, The Fair Tax is revenue neutral, neither a tax decrease or increase. Read the Fair Tax book if you've got the guts to open your mind.
Did you know that personal income taxes equal about 10% of personal income? Think about that. In principle, we could collect all the income tax revenue the government is collecting today for a tax rate no higher than the biblical tithe.

Of course that would mean no deductions (including deductions for charitable giving and mortgage interest, as well as the standard deduction), no credits (including credits for wind mills and solar power panels) and no loopholes (including tax free interest on municipal bonds). But isn't that a tradeoff worth considering?

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