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We are supposed to believe that the same conservatives who opposed Black advancement using the excuse of States RIghts? The Black Middle Class expanded under affirmative action. Conservatives opposed affirmative action because it worked. Blacks may be in poverty today but poor people are not starving and near starvation as in the old days. Now of course you won't hear facts like these from Star Parker. She only tells you soothing lies, like "Blacks are becoming more conservative". Funny thing is no matter how many times she has been proven wrong white conservatives will praise her for saying it.
Yeah the founders knew best. The founders knew Blacks should be slaves.
How do you know that those on the "dole" don't know what a stake in the game means? Did the great Rush Limbaugh tell you this or is this just something that you figure must be true since these are people you don't like.
The gerrymandering is performed by Republican State Legislatures because they know the GOP doesn't have enough Old White men to go arround.
My main point stands, the VRA was not enacted to benefit Democrats because Southern Dems opposed it. These Southern Dems switched parties and vote regularly for Republicans now. They Republicans needed to gut the VRA because of the demographic trends and that is what has happened with the SCOTUS ruling.
You are simply parroting the myth of Black inferiority and it is obvious you believe the converse myth : White Superiority.
If this were any other voting bloc you would ask what the people want not tell them they are stupid. This arrogance can only mean that you don't want Black votes. You only want white moderates who feel uncomfortable in all white environments. Even in your attempts to sell the snake oil called conservatism you insult potential Black purchasers. The description Black voters as only desiring handouts is a flat lie and totally untrue but it is the insult that you begin with.
Black conservatives don't talk to Black people. Black conservatives only talk to whites to reassure them that they are not racist, no matter how bigoted whites are.
While Larry Elder is recounting history he should review what happened at the Cow Palace during the 1964 Republican convention. Barry Goldwater delegates many of them new refugees from the Democratic Party physically attacked,spat on and intimidated Black delegates (mostly Rockefeller delegates) Blacks never attended a Republican convention in significant numbers since. Of course this crushes the theory that "Black folk just don't know what's for them" but that is what happens when Republican talking points confront the truth. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/The+year+the+GOP+went+South.-a020388956
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Can GOP Reverse the Damage Done by Iraq?

Baruti Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 10:51 PM
No matter how much you call the press leftist or liars it does not make the lie that Iraq had WMD true. Too many conservatives believe that if you close your eyes and stick to the party line magically what is wished becomes true.
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