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The FDA says they are and abortifacient (read the part in yellow): http://pages.citebite.com/c9t8r9b9khsn
Abortion pills aren't so good for a baby's health.
So Democrats had "no motive" to harm the tea party groups because they were causing Republicans to lose the general election? How exactly did they know that BEFORE the elections had occurred? And this idea that a group can "self-declare"...So you suggest that they just pretend everything will work out and assume they will eventually be declared tax-exempt (up to 2 or 3 years later in some cases). I think I may try that with my income taxes.
Where are the progressive groups that were targeted? Democrats called no liberal groups as witnesses during the hearings. Not a single one.
So why the cover-up?
What is Planned Parenthood's role in this? They've been exposed for their failure to report suspected sex trafficking of minors. This is why they don't want any parental notification for abortions.
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