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Braley won't be running against Grassley because Grassley's term isn't up. He'll be running against a low name recognition Republican. They are all better than Braley, but as an ex-Iowan I no longer trust the people of my former state to elect anyone but a liberal to the Senate no matter how many stupid things the liberal says.
Here's the information where it is alleged Obama's half-brother is in league with the Muslim Brotherhood: http://guardianlv.com/2013/08/obama-family-ties-to-the-muslim-brotherhood/
I've read that Obama's half brother is a fundraiser for an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't know how much truth there is to it, but it might explain a lot. There is no logical reason for us to support the Muslim Brotherhood.
Anyone who votes for the third party is playing into the hands of the Democrats. Mike Pence, a true conservative, barely won 50 percent of the vote for Governor of Indiana because a Libertarian candidate took votes away from him. Jackie Walorski, another true conservative in Indiana, lost her congressional race last time and barely won this time because of a Libertarian candidate. It makes little sense for conservatives to split their vote. Do your best to get Rand Paul nominated, but don't go making Hillary Clinton or some other liberal President because you think some candidate is a so-called RINO. If you didn't vote for Romney because you thought he was a RINO you deserve what you get with four more years of Obama.
One of the big myths remaining from the election is that McCain received more votes than Romney. Romney received over a million more votes than McCain.
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It's Hard to Be a Republican

BartBurk Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 4:24 PM
We are going to just have to nominate a qualified Hispanic governor in the next election. That leaves two possibilities. One of them is a woman. Susana Martinez gave a great speech at the Republican Convention, is a former Democrat, and won in a state with a large Hispanic population. She has a great story, is conservative, and has a good record of balancing the budget as governor. We need to convince her to run. Maybe Rubio can be her running mate. We need to get those states back out West that we used to win.
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