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What the Meaning of 'Infringe' Is

Barskor Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 6:40 PM
Stop allowing the Assault weapon terminology Assault weapons are fully automatic and or fire three round bursts. When they say we should ban Assault weapons Chime in WE ALL READY Have, you want to ban semi auto rifles. Forget the line in the Sand garbage Chisel it in Stone Hell Carve it back where it should be with no Infringement.
Texas Chris Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 12:35 PM
No. I 100% disagree. No "arms" should ever be banned. Not even burst fire, or full auto. To allow the government a foothold in limiting, "infringing", on any one area of the Second Amendment is to discard the amendment, and the entire document.

ALL gun laws are unconstitutional.

And now boys and girls, it's time for "Fun with Words!" Today's featured contestants are Vice President Joe Biden and a man whose television ratings are so bad it's a wonder he still has a job, Piers Morgan.

Perhaps it’s because he was disgraced in scandal--in his beloved England--getting caught publishing fake photographs of British troops committing fake atrocities in Iraq. But whatever reason, American television viewers consistently overlook him when choosing prime time viewing.

Vice President Biden used a lot of interesting expressions this past week. He kept reiterating that the President, for example, will utilize the...

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