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United Nations: Give Us Drones!

Barskor Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 9:58 PM
So does anyone see the inherent failure of using unarmed drones to watch the slaughterer of civilians in the name of "protecting " them with no means to prevent or kill the aggressors? The UN is a total basket of vipers they probably just want a front row seat to watch their mercenaries clear the land of people so they can drill for oil clear cut timber or build another pipeline or some other resource.

Well this is fun: the U.N. looks like it's attempting its own military build up, now expressing interest in procuring drones from member countries. Ostensibly for purposes of monitoring the situation in the DRC, the drones would nevertheless represent a new frontier in terms of the international body's available powers. The Weekly Standard reports:

"The United Nations wants to use drones for the first time to monitor fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where Rwanda has been accused of aiding rebels," says the report, quoting U.N. officials.

The international body "is considering a range...