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Reader Questions on the One Trillion Coin Proposal

Barskor Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 2:10 PM
The Fed all ready printed 16 trillion dollars But not for you! for their buddies & they stuck you with the big fat bill of inflation while they raked in 13 to 30% interest from the public and paid near zero interest for the "Loan" But remember all Net profit on such loans After the Feds expenses & fees (Read Hollywood accounting) go's to the Treasury. Then after all that money is used like a teenage boy's spare sock and a magazine we get to use the now worthless money. End the Fed

Several people asked me to comment on the $1 trillion coin proposal endorsed by New York Times columnist and Noble Prize winner Paul Krugman.

I did so yesterday in a satirical post Krugman Supports the $1 Trillion Coin; Why Stop There? I Support the $1 Quadrillion Coin.

In response to the above article, I have received several emails wondering where the money comes from. For example reader Tom writes ...