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Obama Puts a Bulls-Eye on the Second Amendment

Barskor Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 3:07 AM
What is so hard for a judge or anyone to understand the few simple words Shall Not Be Infringed of the 2nd amendment? How can they still remember to breath and fail to grasp the notion that any such attempt to craft a law or ruling limiting it in any way Is an Infringement strictly forbidden? Wake Up! all Gun Laws are Illegal Every Last Damned fool one of them!

Leave it to Barack Obama to come into his inaugural weekend with a bang, and not just on guns. He’s made it clear that he intends more spending, more regulation, more radical appointees and less national defense in his second term.

Since he just fired a load of executive orders on gun control like shotgun pellets at a duck hunt, I think it’s time to ask a few questions about this part of his agenda. The first one’s for the president.

Why did you have children prominently displayed at your press conference? Were you implying that anyone who...