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I Am Not Stoned: Sobering Realities For Taxpayers On The Road To Legalizing Marijuana

Barskor Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 11:03 AM
First I doubt the misused expenses to avoid following the law amounted to the more than 100 million a year generated by the medical marijuana industry that will continue to exist long after such expenses have been paid for. Second the costs of locking up for life an individual who's only crime is smoking pot three times and being caught is life in prison costing 70,00 plus dollars a year in tax money per person hardly a effect use of tax money. Third cutting the profits of drug cartels engaged the Bloody warfare over shipping marijuana into America can only benefit us all. Fourth Hemp is Different than Marijuana both can be used for fiber but Hemp can be used for Food and Biodiesel that in it's extraction produces Flour & can't get you HI
LGreen311 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 4:47 PM
what you refer to as hemp is Cannabis Ruderalis, and the only real difference in this strain of cannabis is the THC content, which is the portion that gets you 'high'. The other strains are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, and both of these strains produce significant amounts of THC, and also all the same things you can get from the Ruderalis strain. So the ability to make fiber, oil, flour, etc. are the same from all 3 strain of cannabis, and is not only available from the Ruderalis strain.
MobiusDick Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 3:15 PM
I believe that C sativa can also be used for hemp production but I am not sure; however, just as selective breeding have raised the THC content of C indica to levels as high as somewhere around 43-45% (which is the record in the DEA's Drug Information For Law Enforcement Professionals Handbook), most of the high quality C indica today is in the 20-23% range. This level was as low as 3% just 50-60 years ago.
FlamingLiberalMultiCulturalist Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 11:42 AM
You make far too much practical sense to be taken seriously here at townhall. But as best as I undertand the facts, Hemp IS Marijuana, it's just the name used for the many varieties of the plant that have not been selectively bred for Hallucinogenic Potency.

In many ways it would be a better textile crop than cotton, for example. It's hardier, it requires much less pesticides, irrigation, and fertilization. I did not know you could get a flour out of it.

Pot fans got what they wanted in Colorado: they finally convinced voters there to support the legalization of “recreational marijuana.” It’s seen as a huge victory for those who support the powers of the individual states, and a great example of “federalism” in action. But who is considering the burden of all of this on the American taxpayer?

Before I go further, let me be clear: I have never in my entire life consumed marijuana. When I was a kid I was out of step with my peers on this, but I’ve just never been interested in “trying it,” and that’s...