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I wish with all my heart that that kind and courageous man Brietbart were alive and that Maher had the "heart attack" - yeah, right. Breitbart had a heart attack like I am Captain Marvel.
I looked up "intellectually stunted, affirmative action Chicago thug and total moron" and came up with Barry Soweto of Kenya. How could this be? They must be racists. Yeah, that's it. Racist rednecks. All racist rednecks pronounce corpsmen as corpse men and believe there are 57 states., right? That’s the tip off! How did I miss this?
If you can't fix anything, why run for president? Sort of like an intellectually-challenged black man being elected president just because of his color. Wait, that's our problem!
I had a dream that maybe one of these days Reed's slimy little pinhead will "ring" a guillotine.
For you lefties, the color is yellow.
Can anyone tell me why Obama has not been impeached, tried in the Senate, convicted and jailed?
Maybe his Commie dad DID spill the beans abouit the atomic bombs but the Japs shined him off.
mr. president, mr. president, "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States?"
People on food stamps and welfare vote democrat. This is not rocket science, boys and girls. Bring maginally illiterate with an IQ of 45 doesn't help either.
You exposed nothing but your tiny willie, you Marxist moron.
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