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What Happens When Looters and Moochers Outnumber Workers and Producers?

Barry409 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 11:27 AM
I also wish it were that simple.. but, when the looters and moochers outnumber and require more than what the workers are able to give.. economical collapse. All of us go down. Look for the entitled looters and moochers to roam the streets to again loot and steal from the rest of us. It seems the govt gives them the right to everything that is not theirs. Look for them, they will be at your door. And, not polite. Look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, even England. "Ayn Rand once wrote that a working man will never produce so little that a looter can't come along and leave him with still less. "..... So true...
BK24 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 12:46 PM
So come all you fine young fellows who've been beaten to the ground.
This western life's no paradise, but it's better than lying down.
Oh, the streets aren't clean, and there's nothing green, and the hills are dirty brown,
But the government Dole will rot your soul back there in your home town.

So bid farewell to the Eastern town you never more will see.
There's self-respect and a steady cheque in this refinery.
You will miss the green and the woods and streams and the dust will fill your nose.
But you'll be free, and just like me, an idiot, I suppose.

from "The Idiot" by Stan Rogers - Canada's most underrated singer

The all-time, most-viewed post on this blog is this set of cartoons showing how the welfare state begins and how it eventually becomes an unsustainable mess.

The great Chuck Asay has a cartoon that takes the next step, showing what happens when the looters and moochers who ride in the wagon get pitted against those who are pulling the wagon.

Since I’m not a Romney fan (for a bunch of reasons outlined here), I would have preferred if the cartoon didn’t imply anything about the current election and instead focused on the rhetorical question...