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Women Hoodwinked By the Democrat Spin Machine

barry1817 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 2:28 AM
Liberal response to anything that they don't like, or is true and doesn't help them is to use: deflection deception, projection and a dash of Alinsky villification. Seems democrats that used the social media, never fully comprehended that this is a center right country, that also can use that same social media and debunk what the lame stream media has been used to serving us as pronouncements on high. Aint' working and can't think of a better example than when a budget is given to the congress by the president and he can't get a single vote in favor of his policies. And this is man that is so smart, and we are supposed to believe he has the answer. NOT A SINGLE VOTE for his budget, from anyone in his party.

I’m a bit disappointed that some of my fellow women have bitten the bait thrown to them by Democratic operatives promoting a so-called “Republican war on women.” I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, considering all the misinformation being shot in our direction by those who will do anything, hell or high water, to promote their cause.

This whole war on women thing is contrived, by the way. It didn’t exist until a couple of months ago when Democrats most likely realized they needed to do something to regain the female vote. And the next thing we knew, a GOP “war on...