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The Great Unwashed: Protests of RNC Fail to Generate Excitement

barry1817 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 12:42 AM
we call them the great unwashed because we saw what they did in their OWS tent cities, that were breeding grounds for drugs, sex, filth, and destruction of personal property.
Day one of the Republican convention drew excitement from the group that was there to participate, but the rain and a general lack of interest and organization meant that the media-driven frenzy around counter-protesters fizzled into nothing.

The police were ready, however, and a fairly large contingent of Tampa's finest took to the streets, clearly prepared for a worst-case scenario.

A popular protest tactic is the act of lying down in the middle of the street. These protesters used it to, erm, great effect, I suppose. Security forces were unfazed.