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President Obama's Golf Trip Could Have Saved 341 Furloughed Jobs

barry1817 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 1:06 AM
so tell me again how Sen. Paul cut spending from his congressional budget, and why others can't do the same. Seems that he treats his budget as if it is his money, or as if he has a financial duty to those that fund his office, and thus he treats the money with care making sure to avoid waste and inefficiency. Now all in government could do that. I remember working on the 1984 Olympics and every penny I spend was reviewed, and having spent more than $70,000 in my position, with every receipt less than $250, I did get called on the carpet for some spending that I didn't realize I couldn't make. The items were all less than $20. Go figure, private enterprise checking every penny, government wasting so much.

With the sequester officially in place, and the world still perfectly intact, there is still a possibility that many federal workers could still be furloughed. Remember how Obama kept threatening that all these people would lose their jobs, airplanes wouldn’t fly, and illegal immigrants would be crossing the border without a problem?

Do you also remember how all the reporters were going crazy last week about how the President went golfing with Tiger Woods? Well as everything Obama does, it cost quite a bit in taxpayer dollars. Over $1 million to be more accurate. Many are furious that the...