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NBC: Er...Sorry for Making George Zimmerman Look Like a Racist

barry1817 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 12:47 AM
Falsifying the tape, continually showing a photo that wasn't current, giving race mongers excessive air time. Doesn't that say it all about the lame stream media. But this is an apology that we are supposed to accept and be happy with. Seems these self serving people were there to criticize Rush saying his heart felt apology wasn't sincere enough, or whatever. Sad, but that is what happens when the lame stream, lap dogs of the boy in the white house, try to manipulate the news.
justme16 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 5:30 AM
Well, sure yur supposed to accept it. After all, they succeeded in doing EXACTLY what they set out to do. The damage is done. So from behind the mask of half truth and deliberate "mistakes" they now save face, and go on with their phony careers. Until the next time.

The problem is that after the accusations, and the damage and the dumbed down American public follow along exactly as they have been conditioned to do...mouthing the apology is nothing more than saving face to put on the final act of the show.

What's that? Do I hear applause. Oh wait lets wait until the critics either praise or pan their performances....and look for the next script to perform.

NBC News has issued an apology after the network aired, multiple times, a tape of the 911 call Zimmerman made to police about Trayvon Martin, portraying him as a racist. This was no mistake, by the way. The audio was deliberately and maliciously edited to make Zimmerman look like a racist in order to push a narrative. I wrote about the embarrassment surrounding this case last week.

Here's what NBC aired and claimed Zimmerman said:

"This guy looks like he's up to no good...he looks black."

Here's what Zimmerman actually said: