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so if all these illegals are in the shadows, how does anyone know how many there are, and why stop with what is projected as only half. Sounds like negotiations with someone that wants you dead and you let them have your left arm.
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Report: ISIS Studying Mexican Border

barry1817 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 12:52 AM
but how could they possible get in, after all B.O. and others such as Harry Reid tell us the border is secure. Secure to a guess a US Marine in a Mexican jail, but not to almost anyone else, who not only cross the border illegally but seem to get libs and media to say that others should support them for violating our immigration laws.
If these people are in the shadows, where does this figure of 5 or 6 million come from. and how about those that he doesn't give the same benefits to.
Just bought a Redskin helmet, and not even a Redskin fan, but am so against this PC BS, that I spent hard earned dollars to support them with the purchase.
so once more, what did anyone think would happen if the evil wasn't destroyed, that they wouldn't be back and doing what they did before.
so if this was Sarah Palin, this interview would be the lead story on all news casts commenting on how stupid she is. But let a liberal do the same, and the media is only too happy to look to bail the person out. Liberal bias, not according the biased liberal media
so let's see the drawing of how the shot went from the officer's gun, into the top of this thug's head, and out his jaw and into his chest. Anyone want to guess that he didn't stand on a chair and shoot, which means that the only way this shot could have been fired was if the thug was with head down and rushing the officer.
So who you gonna believe, the B.O. shills, or the family members that tell of delays that caused the deaths of loved ones. Reminds me of who do you believe the company that touts a great product, or the people that bought the product and pan it. Sorry but I trust the people in the system, not those with a vested interest to protect B.O. and his sorry buttocks.
amazing that people flee high tax states and then look to destroy the new state that they moved to.
and yet the UN, that august tool of muslims, attacks Israel for defending themselves with force. But heck when you put countries like Iran on committees heading ethics, you know this body is corrupt, and useless. And since the UN can't and won't do anything without the US, why are we letting others dictate our policies and hamstring our country, to our detriment.
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Obama Spurns the 'Optics' Police

barry1817 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 12:31 AM
when Maureen Dowd does the criticism, that is news. and her piece was a biting attack on this unvetted, unpatriotic, irresponsible, chicago thug pol.
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