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too easy to make these comments when you no longer are going to be in office. Reminds me of those that said nothing when in office, but were only too happy to sign a book deal when the left office to cash in, proving that they were nothing but prostitutes while in office.
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Democrats push to confirm Obama nominees

barry1817 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 12:43 AM
if they couldn't have held the hearings in the proper time frame, the heck with them, let them sit until next year.
I will make one exception to my post below, If a person doesn't wish to run, and is drafted, at the convention to run, that would be different.
defecate or get off the pot. This is all PC BS theater of the absurd. And if a person isn't aware that he wants to run, at this time, why would anyone give money to support a person that wishy washy.
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Muslim go BOOM!

barry1817 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 12:39 AM
the Turkish PM is on recoreed stating that there are no moderate muslims, ISLAM is ISLAM. end of discussion. You can't deal with, negotiate with or respect a person/religion that allows members to lie and deceive to promote their agenda, because with the lying, there is no way to know when they are being honest. Goes back to the old lawyer joke, how do you know when the lawyer is lying, or is a politician joke, his lips are moving.
and capital punishment, the death penalty is also called by liberals immoral, but the constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. The and is very important because that means both elements must be met to be banned. If hanging was usual for capital crimes, then it could be cruel, because it wouldn't be cruel and unusual. As for the libs an enhanced interrogations, let any one of them have a child kidnapped, and one kidnapper is caught, and the child is buried with limited oxygen supply, want to bet they wouldn't be happy to sit around and let the air run out. That is called situation morality and that is far worse than torturing someone to get information to save lives. And for anyone to say that information wasn't gotten, that must not be true because if the people doing it, state, categorically that they got information that was valuable, then I don't care what those not invovled in the actual events say. They remind me of scientists telling people that a bumble bee can't fly, body too big, wings too small, and won't believe their eyes when the bumble bee flies.
must have been a liberal night mare, gun owners protesting openly, and with all those guns, the report was no looting, no burning of buildings and nobody harmed. Now contrast with the vile scum that were screaming burn this B**ch down, and the only difference I can see is that in both instances the police confirmed that they have no duty to protect an individual or a person's property, and thus with the vile scum that were protesting, many people were harmed, but with gun owners nobody is harmed, no property is harmed, and the police know that they don't have to worry and have gas masks and body armor on for the gun owners.
agenda driven so called journalism looking to be propaganda, and making sure the low info voters stay that way. For example the day of Gruber testifying in Congress, I taped 2, 4, 7 11PM news. and there was no mention of his testimony, but they did mention the CIA report And then the news papers that I read had head lines about CIA report, but buried in the back pagers in small print was a small mention of his testimony.
silly me, moocher of the year would seem to be B.O. and family that lives high on the hog, on tax payer dime, in a life style that a community organizer would never have.
he could have done a CR that was limited in scope and left the new budget to the new congress.
yup you will get the insurance, but no doctors to treat. Now isn't that special.
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