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well stated and don't you love it when a poster such as the above is so wrong. Seems to me that Eric Cantor isn't going to be back this year.
the media must be so pleased with covering for B.O. and attacking Romney And the people are finally waking up, no thanks to the media which is still covering his buttocks, but in spite of the lap dogs.
I would think a state isn't to do anything with them because when states looked to enforce immigration law this admin, sues them. So leave them and let the feds take the lead in taking care of them. and love all those that say we have to take care of the children. Sorry when you can't take care of your own, you don't invite thousands more to come into your home.
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Cease the Cease-Fires

barry1817 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 1:22 AM
when someone declares war on you and you decide to fight back, you fight to win. And the only stopping of the war should be the loser begging to come to the peace table to discuss surrender. All this truce stuff is pure BS to appease and protect those that we call terrorists.
great idea for immigration reform ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS ON THE BOOKS>
If one doesn't believe in God, one might as the woman and the rescue team that stayed on the staircase, and survived. Amazing story, If they had continued they would be dead, if the rescue group left the woman on her own they would be dead but hope courage and bravery led to all surviving in what can only be described as a miracle Last I looked miracles don't come from those that are atheists.
nice to see some common sense slap the atheist around. After all, all the area surrounding the cross is devoid of anything, so Atheists have their display. Nothing which is what atheists believe in.
so true, and they get a pass. Reminds me of if a conservative uses a bad word, he can't apologize enough, but lib does and the media jumps through hoops to make him look like a good guy
easy, political expediency is why they changed their position. Wanting to cater to the vocal minority is why they change position. No core values and a desire to do harm to those that do have core beliefs.
a person living in the hollywood bubble lecturing on that which she knows nothing. Classic
good for Perry, And the message is being sent loud and clear, American won't accept illegal immigrants, but you can ask to go live with B.O. who promised to take care of you, and you will see that in his large homes and large vacation estates, he won't share them with you either.
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