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Why Didn't Obama Call Sony?

barry1817 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 10:39 PM
why would B.O. call Sony, that might have been showing leadership. But as to what America is or isn't, with legal issues and parasitic lawyers any incidence at any theaters would have been a major law suit, that wouldn't make economic sense, and in the world of multiplexes, people in theaters for other films may also be put at risk.
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Who Was Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley?

barry1817 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 10:37 PM
and strange how the media were almost in hysterics because he killed himself and we won't know what he was thinking, and then he would have lawyers defending him, and making sure he would go to jail. Sorrry I don't need to know what he was thinking, because we know what he did. And thankfully he won't be doing it ever again.
more liberal idiocy. and without the gun, what are they supposed to do if faced with situation where they need to defend home and lives. Call 911 so somebody with a gun can come and put their bodies in a body bag. Time to remember that court precedent is that police have no duty to protect an individual or the property of said person.
was an expert witness in a criminal trial, and a witness called by the prosecution was asked if she saw the defendent in the court room. Defendant was sitting at the defense table with her attorneys. This witness pointed to a woman in the back of the courtroom. Now that is a good witness. and then later in this case, when in the first day of deliberation, the jury foreman had to ask the judge to dismiss a juror. Seems the juror didn't want to listen to evidence in this case and was asking when they get to find the defendant guility because according to this juror, the person must be guilty because she was sitting at the defense table. And this is an example of what goes on in a court room, while people are paying hundreds of dollars an hour to have such incompetents wasting time and money.
would be nice if this time the justices can read the law, and make sure the letter of the law is applied
I love this, and hope it succeeds for reasons that once more B.O. is picking and choosing what laws to enforce with severe consequences to tax payers, as he ignores his oath of office
and that is the supposed elite of society, the so called educated people that GRUBER so so highly of.
always so nice to hear the stories about how this religion of peace and tolerance treats people. Wonder if these people might have preferred a little enhanced interrogation instead. But tell me where is the UN and where is the media, in reporting this war on women and children. Right, they aren't conservatives. so there is no attack on them.
what a sickening vile liar, who has forgottne that what she says will be on tape, to prove that she is a liar
so this criminal thug was back out on the streets, but as a muslim he was lying to any government official to get out of jail, and then doing what that relgion of peace and tolerance asks them to do, death and destruction to those that don't believe in their fairy tales. And funny how atheists give these people a passs and how feminists who tell us about this terrible war on women seem to ignore this actual war on women, and other living people.
It is bad enought that our border is over run, but now we are learning the true cost of B.O.'s spread the wealth, and aren't you all happy as you slave away to pay your taxes that go to illegals. But tell me again these are the people that will pay taxes and not be a burden, how quaint, another LIE from our LIAR in CHIEF
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