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failures begetting more failures as union thugs demand more for the failures because they tell us they are so concerned about the children, so concerned that they won't let parents have choice or vouchers.
and in a related story it was being reported that McDonald's was purchasing more than 7000 machines for outlet stores and that will replace workers. But no problem, they can still get subsidized health care and pursue their creative pursuits that Pelosi told us would happen. Maybe we should be taxing Pelosi and her husband to pay for this, because it seems that they definitely arent sharing their wealth with the poor
didn't take long for liberals to use the court system to try and harm a political opponent while at the same time telling us that the law suit against B.O. is a waste of time, and money. Seems the situational ethics of the libs are match only by the lies of the B.O. and the media bending so far over to kiss his buttocks.
amazing law firm, rack up so much time and what a normal person would think to have been something relatively simple. But then lawyers, especially high priced ones seems so ready and willing to rack up such huge fees, because they are in the loop making the laws that allow for this, Maybe it is time to get obamacare for lawyers, because we are all one lawsuit away from bankruptcy, but then lawyers would never allow themselves to be controlled like they want to do to doctors.
but as B.O. said not a smidgen of scandal there, which is like his line if you like your plan you can keep it PERIOD
and then I am reminded of the adage that a grand jury could convict a ham sandwich of a crime, because the rules in court, don't apply and an indictment is similar to being impeached, doesn't mean a bunch unless the trial finds the person guilty, and certainly didn't harm Bubba from going on with his life with the impeachment.
Amazing, so a governor can be indicted for abuse of power, but the media supports the abuse of power by B.O. Showing that what a dem does is fine, but in the liberal bias, heaven help a republican for the same type of situation
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Overdoing the Death of Robin Williams

barry1817 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 1:31 AM
fox shows spent two solid hours on this news, with Megyn Kelly and Hannity being all Williams that night. Sorry it was overdone.
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Is Senator Hagan Getting Nervous?

barry1817 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 1:25 AM
so true, and the country needs a senate that doesn't sit on more than 300 bipartisan bills passed, and then have people call the house obstructionists
funny how libs never take terrorists at face value when they say what they are going to do, and then do it. But they make out of wholecloth any sort of supposed insults by conservatives.
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