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of course they don't care about his tax situation, because he is helping them
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The Campus Crusade for Cash

barry1817 Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 10:42 PM
well said, and thank you for exposing the BS that passes around for intelligence of these groups.
do not confuse activity with accomplishment. B.O. has activity, the accomplishments are things that have harmed the american citizens and tax payers.
it is sad that so many continue to be protected while they fail in their jobs, jobs that the private sector does create, and unlike the government holds the people that they hire, accountable
the only thing to protest is that justice was served, and the protestors didn't get the lynching that they wanted.
funny but as B.O. talks about other presidents doing E.O. did he mention other presidents deporting illegals, and even a Liberal putting citizens into detention centers and taking their possessions because he was a liberal and could violate the constitution and nobody stood up to him. And at Santa Anita Race Track in So.Ca. the plaque citing this tragic time in our history, is there for others to see. And this is what liberals did to American citizens, so don't give me that we have to take care of illegals.
did nothing for this for how many years, and only came out swinging when her job was on the line. Can't get any more cynical thatn B.O. wanting immigration because it was so important, that it could wait until after an election, when his policies were on the ballot and he lost, and would have lost even more seats if he did it early and had it really as a campaign issue, for real, other than a threat.
we don't need a new car smell, we just need a car that works, does what is promised and does't stink of the lies, deceptions, lawlessness and manure that this White House, this care reeks of. Heck this care may be perfectly good once the petulant man child is no longer driving ti into the ground.
don't these people ever learn that if you want to stay in poverty vote dems, and they will be happy to take your vote, take the goodies and keep you in poverty, throwing an occasional cell phone your way, taking credit for it, but never thanking your working neighbors that get fleeced by these policies. After all Hillary can't create any jobs, or work with business because she is on record that business doesn't create jobs, so if they don't who does, because government has no money save what it gets from taxes, from businesses that make a product sell the product and hire people and pay them. As to public sector workers not paying taxes, that they pay is a shell game. I pay you $X each year, and then tax you $Y. I could avoid the book keeping by just paying you $X-Y and you would also save dealing with CPAs and record keeping.
too bad that SNL is only know seeming to understand the mockery that B.O. is making of this country, and if they hadn't been in the tank for him, these types of skits may have made a difference in educating the Gruber Stupid, that seem to be everywhere .
I'm sorry but I miss the point where liberal nonsense is going to have hardened terrorists agreeing to stop being what they are. If only B.O. dealth with terrorists as he tries to do with conservatives and tea party members, but then he would have to love this country, not the persk of office and the golf games.
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