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If Not 'Apologizing,' Mr. President, What Would You Call It?

Barry15 Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 1:06 PM
When America does something wrong, a reasonable apology is acceptable. The record is very clear, however, that the "wretched" things America has done are miniscule compared to the "remarkable" and even noble things that America has contributed to the world - inventions and medical advances, for example, in addition to support when natural disasters strike. And, of course, concepts like freedom, the rule of law, and the most egalitarian society the earth has seen. More than two hundred years of one-way migration attest to America's virtue. obama apologizes for America - not for a specific transgression - because he does not understand and does not like the America that has brought so many good things to the world.

OK, President Obama, if you and your defenders insist on denying that you've repeatedly apologized for America, then let's quit mincing words and acknowledge you've done worse than apologize. That works for me.

Maybe it is technically inaccurate to attribute the word apology to you, because you would have to identify with America more before you could apologize on its behalf. Besides, I suppose we should not be surprised in this Clinton-inspired age of word meaninglessness -- an age in which the simple word "is" no longer feels comfortable in its own skin -- that you would deny you have apologized because...