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As long as we have MRS> Boehner in charge of the house nothing will ever happen to the Democrats as they are his friends in total
If we could only replace 400 opf the 435 on the hill and 7 of the nine judges on the supreme court, we may get this coutnry back on the right track. The whole of the government on the hill are corrupt in one manner or the other to include the DOJ, ATF,HHS HOMELAND SECURITY, EPA, IRS AND then there is a question about the Chiefs of Staff that seem to have turned so politically it is hard to distinguish which one is still a Professional Soldier. As a former Marine, I ever question the integrity of the Commandant of the Marine Corps
I don't know what the surprise is that Hillary would order njo amjmo. The betch is trying her best to takethe 2nd amendment away and is trying to joing the U.N in taking away all firearms from Americans. Maybe her next job should be point on the next firefight
If this broad Vann doesn't have the guts to sign a no new tax pledge, she hasn't got my vote. I am tired of voting for women that want the power but not the responsibility. That is the problem with California republicans of the female persuasion, they have no guts but plenty of "" Don't call me Mam, I worked hard for this position I now hold" Power but no guts to be responsible to thier constituents...............
This reporter is trying to doom Mr Ryan for dating a woman of color whrn she adores the President who in his own words at the age of fourteen gave up his mother, threw her under the bus because he grew to hate whites and knew (his words) he would be better off declaring himself black. These disgusting liberals really have burned the cross at both ends..They want to disgrace Christians and then when the Angel of death visits they pray to go to heaven. I sincerely hope thay all burn in h3ll
I believe that the Speaker of the House John Boehner as been neglient in his duty as Speaker and should have brought charges against him long long ago
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Attacks on Janna Ryan Begin

Barrie9 Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 6:54 PM
Only if you are black and don't like the other 70% of America voicing their opinions
One has to wonder just how much of all this lost money has been intentionally "safe guarded" by our wonderful law abiding lawmakers and just when they were going to bring it forward to pay the bills? I would love to see those that have been tucking this money away for those Rainy Days, be brought before their peers, we the tax payers, and let us pay them the interest they deserve, 10 to 25 at hard labor
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Blown Media Calls Send Warning on November

Barrie9 Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 11:26 PM
there is an easy fix and that is to open the polls on the East coast 3 hours later.Instead of the East coast opening at 7p their time have them open at 10p or the east or west coast. Your choice, one day later then the other. it is important enough to vote then hours or one days difference shouldn' t bother any of us and therefore we wouldn't kinow on the west coast what the score is before we go to the polls and the east coast wouldn't know eithere untilthe third day when all votes are tallied.
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