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Blown Media Calls Send Warning on November

Barrie9 Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 11:26 PM
there is an easy fix and that is to open the polls on the East coast 3 hours later.Instead of the East coast opening at 7p their time have them open at 10p or the east or west coast. Your choice, one day later then the other. it is important enough to vote then hours or one days difference shouldn' t bother any of us and therefore we wouldn't kinow on the west coast what the score is before we go to the polls and the east coast wouldn't know eithere untilthe third day when all votes are tallied.

A version of this column originally appeared in The Daily Beast

Outrageous mistakes in cable-network coverage of last week’s Obamacare decision should raise major concerns about far more consequential errors that easily could mar election-night reporting this November. And while erroneous announcements by Fox News and CNN say something deeply unsettling about the current state of broadcast journalism, those same humiliations convey a profoundly reassuring message about the Supreme Court itself.

When two of the nation’s most influential news organizations both misinformed the public (briefly) about the very essence of the court’s ruling, it’s a powerful indication that...

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