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BREAKING: Boehner Pulls "Plan B"

Baron Wasteland Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 11:59 AM
This is getting good. McConnell filibusters his own bill and then Boehner withdraws his own "plan". Republicans unraveling at a more rapid pace than expected - good holiday entertainment.
Conservative economic policies drove us off the real fiscal cliff 4 years ago. Obama reversed the decline and is turning around the economy. The Republicans bet everything on trying to make him a one-term president (instead of making an effort to help fix the economy). American's saw that and voted to go with the party that's trying to make life better for everyone, not just richest and most radical.
I don't get the whole conservatives are makers and progressives are takers thing. Progressives are better educated and higher earning. Democrats have just been paying attention and noticed what happened when wealth was being overly distributed to the top 1%. The recent election landslide was a rejection of those policies and a continued push for a more balanced, sustainable approach to our economy.
The Texas economy is doing pretty well. At the same time, employment has not performed so well in Texas. That means the higher oil prices have substantially aided the economy there. So, since Obama is to "blame" for higher oil prices, I guess he gets credit for any positive economic measures in Texas. Or does that mess with the "everything bad is Obama's fault and everything good is because of the Republicans" theme?
Lots of people here seem to think that that Republicans need to phrase their views better, or that the press favors Obama. The media has consolidated to a few mega-corporations, and we know that they support Republicans. Also, you can try to fool folks by phrasing your policies differently, but this election has shown that no matter how you try to talk about it, Americans see these policies for what they are - economically and socially destructive.
The richest counties are well-educated, so they'll naturally vote democrat/progressive. Many more people give to democrats because they appeal to a broader spectrum of Americans. Yes, some of them are wealthy folks who understand that raising revenues/taxes is essential for us to be a thriving economy (ie, Clinton era economics). While Democratic policies are good for everyone (including rich folks), Republican policies are only good for the wealthiest (yet also appeal to the less educated).
Yes, you're right, it was the hurricane. Please continue those conservative policies which appeal to either the richest 1% or the radical right wing. It's a great formula for more Democratic landslides.
Republicans will continue to lose as long as they continue with these delusional excuses. Did Romney fail with Hispanics because of Obama's negative ads, or because he wants illegals to self-deport? Did Romney really need any help from Obama to look like a "out of touch über-wealthy robber baron"? Also, Obama's victory suggests that personal connection is more important than experience or accomplishment? If Romney is so experienced and accomplished, then why did those who know him best (Voters in MA) overwhelmingly support Obama?
What's wrong with having talks related to making sure that the wrong types of weapons don't fall in to the wrong hands? Seems like a reasonable goal to explore ways of limiting people to wage crime, terrorism and war. By the way, there's no evidence or indication that Obama has any interest in "attacking the 2nd amendment".
So, during the campaign, all everyone could say was that the country was going in the wrong direction and it was all Obama's fault. Now, everything is going great and it's because there are some republican governors making it happen. Given the election results, it's more likely that the country realizes that Democratic policies benefit them more. That's why there's a Democratic President, more Democrats in the Senate, an Democrats received more popular votes in the House (and picked up some seats).
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