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Break a hip Nana.
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Folks, We Have a Brand New Ballgame

BarofSoap Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:28 AM
I'm a fellow "Paulbot", and I agree. Romney will never get my vote.
TRUE conservatives don't give a DAMN about Romney. That's the reason we call him "Obomney", Carlos.
Mexicans lie. It's part of their culture. Everyone knows that.
You hurt Moshe's feelings. How long have you been an anti-semite?
Anarcho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What up bro?
Dear Nanna, You mentioned my mother. REAL classy, girlfriend.
Under Carter, government grew less than it did under Reagan. So I really don't understand all this hate for Carter and, conversely, all this love for the sainted Ronald Reagan. Can someone please explain this for me? Thanks guys!
Nah, mine was better, Nana dear! BTW, I'm a conservative. A REAL conservative, NOT a Clownhaller.
Don't quit your day job, Nana.
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