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Reflections on 40 Years of Roe v. Wade

Barnlady Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 3:03 PM
You have NEVER been outside of an abortion clinic on "surgery" day and counted the ambulances... I hate to say this but coat hangers were safer for the woman, the babies died no matter which method you use to kill them. Most people use the sorry excuse that every child should be wanted and provided for, well there are approximately 200 childless couples waiting for every baby that is not "wanted" and they would provide a great home for them...

On January 22, 1973, seven robed men in Washington, D. C. decreed that abortion on demand is the new law of the land in these United States. With the bang of a gavel, they nullified virtually any state law at the time restricting abortion.

The high court decided Roe v. Wade without public debate, without the people's representatives getting to weigh in. And here we are, forty years later, still arguing about it. We live in what Dr. Richard Land calls “the Divided States of America.” Abortion is one of the most divisive issues.

Associate Justice Byron White, appointed by John...